10 Best Women’s Bowling Balls & Shoes For Excellent Plays

Not every bowler understands the importance of their bowling ball, or how it effects their individual game, or how it can improve their average score. Entry level bowlers usually start out with a regular bowling alley rack ball for practice or leagues and other competitions. They do this under the misconception that it will help them understand the game better and get the grip of it before they choose to get their individual bowling ball.

Misconceptions about Bowling Balls for Women

However, as I said before, it is a misconception, you need to have your personalized bowling ball to be able to start your game right. So if you are passionate about your game and wish to bowl regularly or join a club, then a little investment in getting the right bowling partner that matches your individual style is essential.  It ensures that you have consistency, as you will be looking after your ball, maintaining it properly to prevent it from deterioration, and you will also be playing with a bowling ball that is especially made for you.

A common misconception about female bowlers is that they should be bowling with a light weighted ball. It might be true in some conditions, but the weight of the bowling ball you use doesn’t really depend upon your gender. The perfect weight of your ball depends upon your strength and bowling style. There is no such thing as a women’s bowling balls – any ball can easily work for a woman if it is working for a man. It only depends upon your individual style and power. For achieving your best in a balling arena, a perfect bowling ball is the most important thing.

Bowling alley balls come with a lot of diversity and with different weight ranges. Some balls have more hook, some are straight, some have angular reaction, some have delayed reaction, some are entry level balls that give you more room to improve your game, and some are professional balls that pro bowlers use in leagues and competition. The point here is this: not every ball is the same. No matter if you are a woman or a man, you would not be able to achieve your maximum potential without a ball that is actually made for you.

However, there are a few things that need to be considered before buying a bowling ball for women. Here’s a list of the best bowling balls that can be called a women’s bowling balls.

Top 5 Women’s Bowling Balls


The most current expansion to the Pyramid Advanced Performance line is the Pyramid Pathogen. It has the combination of GPS Navigational Solid coverstock and 2000 grit polish with Factory Finish clean. The blend gives it an extraordinary length with a controllable and smooth response on the lane condition of Medium Oil. This combination is destructive.

Women's Bowling Balls

Main Features:

Pyramid Pathogen Bowling Ball has New Era 139 Symmetric Core with 2.54 RG and 0.032 Differential – which means it will have Medium Flare Potential. It is featured with GPS Navigational Solid Coverstock with 2000-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish. On medium lanes, it gives standard Pyramid ball motion. For various bowling styles, it offers many different drilling options. It is also a USBC approved bowling alley ball. For women, usually 12 pounds to 14 pounds weights are recommended. It has perfect reaction and gives you the ability to evaluate the path and locate the best possible edge, which makes it more compatible to most women’s bowling style.


  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetric
  • RG: 2.54
  • Differential: 0.032
  • Medium Flare Potential
  • Coverstock: GPS Navigational Solid (Reactive Resin)
  • Polish: 2000-Grit Abralon/Factory Finish
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium Lanes
  • Drlling Options: Versatile (can be drilled according to any style)
  • USBC Approved Equipment
  • Manufacturer: Pyramid


Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl is a bowling ball for beginners. It gives easy length, which is perfect for entry level bowlers and women of short heights. It is also not a straight ball, and gives hook motion in the back end. The polyester coverstock makes it perfect for women. It is featured with high gloss polish finish and has 5 assorted color options. Variety of weights are available, ranging from 10 pounds to 16 pounds, in which the particularly best ones for women are between 12 pounds to 15 pounds.

Bowling Ball's for Women

Main Features

Brunswick T-Zone Indigo Swirl has Polyester coverstock with a 4 pin length and conventional light bulb core. Light bulb core enables flexible ball motion and good pin action for more strikes and a higher score. The ball has a flawless equilibrium of power and control. The polyester coverstock pushes it to produce an easy length and good back end hook motion. The ball design is particularly light weight regardless of the weight you choose, which makes it predominantly good for women. It also has a firm ball reaction over the whole range of weights. It is not as insensitive to any lane condition as Brunswick claims. T-Zone indigo doesn’t go too well with oiled lane conditions, but it is absolutely on fire in dry conditions. It is very angular and catches a good hook. Surprisingly the ball hits hard enough that it has the potential to destroy racks.


  • Pin Length: 4.
  • Initial Top Weight: 2.3 oz.
  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Finishing Steps:
  • High-gloss polish.
  • Weights: 6, 8-16 lbs.
  • RG Max: 2.71G
  • Min: 2.69G
  • Differential: .019.
  • RG Average: 8.7.
  • Hook Potential: 25.
  • Length: 235.
  • Breakpoint Shape: 30.
  • Reaction: Slight Hook.
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Any.
  • Manufacturer: Brunswick.


Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball is a high-performance entry level ball. After years of experiments, research, coverstock and core study observation, the Pyramid technology was invented. The ball offers a flexible ball motion that works consistently on all lane conditions. The Path Rising Bowling Ball has a polish of 1500-grit finish, giving it a neat look from the head. It is a USBC Approved Equipment.

Main Features

The Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball has a New Era 139 Symmetric core with Reactive Pearl Coverstock. It comes with a Finish 1500 Grit Polish and a wide range of weights. The ball is approved by USBC and comes undrilled. It can be drilled using various drilling options. It can even be drilled to have a sturdy backend or a solid roll. The perfect duo of the New Era 139 core and Path Reactive Pearl coverstock makes it a very versatile ball, which can be used by all bowlers of different skill levels. The conditions in bowling change very frequently; such as rev rate, lane conditions, ball speed, and many others. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl has a perfect throw in all of these conditions. It offers bowlers with varying styles, from those who throw with both hands to stokers, to achieve maximum score on medium dry to medium lane conditions.


  • Core: New Era 139 Symmetric
  • Drilling Options: Variety of options
  • Coverstock: Reactive Resin
  • Reaction: Delayed or Angular
  • Lanes: Ideal for Medium
  • Polish: 1500 Grit Finish
  • Type: Entry Level
  • Comes undrilled
  • Manufacturer: Pyramid

Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy Bowling Ball

The Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy Bowling Ball is a stylish polyester ball which has a 3 piece core. The ball can work well for women, and polyester and plastic cores are said to be the best core type for them. It is designed to be used for recreation and beginning level bowlers. It comes with a ranging variety of weights, starting from 6 pounds to 15 pounds.  For kids, 6 pounds to 10 pounds weight is recommended, and for women usually 12 pounds to 15 pounds work. Hence, it has choices for both women and kids. It is a very shiny looking and smooth ball.

Main Features:

The Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy Bowling Ball is designed for entry level bowlers, which is the reason it does not have a lot of hook but is not a straight ball either. It has a hook potential of 25. The ball looks pretty, but having a very little hook makes it good for practice, and only for beginning bowlers. Brunswick T-Zone Green Envy Bowling Ball is a good robust ball and is perfect for 10 pins because it does not break easily. Even after a fair usage, there aren’t any marks of abrasions. As it is designed for children and women in general, it bears plenty of strength. It doesn’t crack easily even if thrown with a large amount of force. The high-glass polish makes it look very beautiful, and therefore it attracts a lot of attention, because usually the balls with a better hook are not as pretty.


  • Coverstock: Polyester.
  • Finishing Steps: High-gloss polish.
  • Weights: 6, 8-16 lbs.
  • RG Max: 2.71G
  • Min: 2.69G
  • Differential: .019.
  • RG Average: 8.7.
  • Hook Potential: 25.
  • Length: 235.
  • Breakpoint Shape: 30
  • Core: 3 Piece Core.
  • Ideal for entry-level bowlers and recreation.
  • Color: purple royal silver.
  • Hook: very little to no hook
  • Shape: Symmetrical
  • Manufacturer: Brunswick

Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball

The Hammer Black Widow Legend bowling ball uses a hybrid coverstock, which is ideal for enhancing your game, and is available for the first time in this line. It is not an entry level ball and hence does not come in lesser weights. Its weight ranges from 13 pounds to 16 pounds, so it can be only be used by experienced players.

Main Features:

The gas mask core is used in Hammer Black, which produces steadiness and consistency. The ball has a coverstock of NBT hybrid, which gets hold of the lane and makes it perfect to use in medium to slight oil lane conditions. The approach makes it a multi style ball, therefore it is recommended to be used with several diverse bowling styles. The Hammer Black Widow is not just an entry level ball and offers a pretty good hook. It might not work for you if you tend to throw the ball a bit slowly. The ball hooks up as if it has been shot out of a canon. It is most recommended for dryer lane conditions. The Hammer Black has a decent throw and it breaks gently over the hand if thrown by the height of an average person. It is not a predrilled ball, and has a wide variety of drilling options. You can get it drilled from a Pro Shop according to the measured size of your finger’s lengths and widths. Overall, it is a great ball and can be used in competitions for the pure desire to win.


  • Core: Gas Mask core.
  • Weights: ranging from 13 pounds to 16 pounds.
  • Coverstock: Hybrid NBT.
  • Polish: 500, 500, 500, 1000 Abralon.
  • Power House Factory Finish at 300 RPM.
  • RG value: 2.50
  • Differential: 0.058
  • Manufacturer: Hammer Black

Who’s the winner for the Best Bowling Ball for Women?

A ball is a very important part of your bowling journey, and it plays a vital role in improving your average and individual game. However, finding a ball that matches your bowling style and strength that also works well with different lane conditions is very important. Not every ball is made for you, and therefore cannot give you the best of experiences.

As mentioned before, there is no different bowling ball type for women, and it only depends upon your personal characteristics, strength, and how you roll your ball. However, there are certainly some balls out there that fit well, and are particularly made for most women’s body structures. For example, if you have a small and delicate body shape, Brunswick T-zones would work for you. They both are pretty balls with a moderate hook. It you are an experienced player, you might want to go for a ball that has a good hook so that you can throw it in your style and it hooks up for you. For this, we would recommend the Pyramid Path Rising or Hammer Black Widow. If you are looking to further enhance your skills in the field of bowling, the Brunswick Pathogen is ideal. It has a decent hook but not too much, hence it works well with all lane conditions. However, every person is different and what works for others might not work for you. The best way to determine which ball is best for you is to consult a Pro Shop specialist.