Choosing the best bowling ball spinner

A bowling ball spinner is nothing but a stand that holds and spins the balls while you clean and polish them. This makes the task of cleaning much easier as you get to apply even pressure all throughout the surface of the ball. Cleaning or polishing without a spinner can be cumbersome and you often end up applying more pressure in a single area, thus resulting in inconsistent cleaning and polishing.

Through the course of use, bowling balls can catch up quite a lot of dirt and grime from the lanes. This can give rise to inconsistent ball reaction and greatly affect your game. Getting hold of the best bowling ball spinner can make the cleaning procedure much easier for you. You can, therefore, maintain your balls in a good condition without having to put in too much of an effort.

While using a spinner machine, it is very much important that you know how to correctly clean, resurface and polish the balls. Without good technology, it may not be possible to do so. The best bowling ball spinner can give you distinct advantages while doing so. So make sure that you research the features before making a purchase. The base of the ball spinner, the holder and the construction of the ball cup should be key considerations during the selection process.

The most commonly available ones are made of plastic. However, they tend to crack before you have used them long enough. Metal spinners, on the other hand, may cost a bit more, but can last a lifetime. The best bowling ball spinner should also be able to offer a high torque during the spinning. This is possible only with a powerful motor. So make sure that you look for the torque rating before making your purchase. Also, check if they offer the same consistency throughout the course of use.

Given below is a detailed product review for the ball spinners that are considered to be the best in the lot. These products have been handpicked on the basis of performance and functionality. The features for each of them have been mentioned clearly along with the pros and cons. Going through the list can give you a clear idea and therefore assist you in selecting the best bowling ball spinner to suit your need.

  1. Innovative Personal Ball Spinner – ½ HP

This bowling ball spinner can be used while sanding and polishing the balls. This product is effective enough to be used for high school teams, collegiate teams and even the state and national tournaments. Being made out of strong nylon, this ½ HP Personal Spinner is very durable and can give a very good lasting. The machine is highly precise and therefore prevents the bowl from instability and wobbling during the spin. Further, it has a protective cap to protect the motor from coming in direct contact with debris and dirt.

This spinner has a very sturdy construction and can easily withstand the pressure of daily use, making it the best bowling ball spinner in the heavy-duty category. It is also highly portable and very convenient for use.


  • Features weatherproof bearing shafts of premium quality
  • Comes with a long warranty period of 5 years
  • Includes a 6’ supply cord


  • Makes noise


  1. Innovative Table Top Spinner – 2 Speed

This machine has its cast bowl manufactured in aluminum. It is highly precise and offers extreme stability during the execution. Since the machine is entirely made out of aluminum, it does not weigh very much and is also quite durable. It features a 1/3 – ¾ Hp motor which ensures that the machine can be run at two separate high and low speeds with maximum torque. It has a protective encasing that prevents the motors from getting jammed due to the lodging of debris. This is undoubtedly the best bowling ball spinner for everyday use. The single pole construct and double throw switch make it highly reliable for long-term use. The machine has CW/CCW rotation options and capacitative start to generate enough torque throughout the course of use.


  • Comes with an 8 foot long supply cord
  • It has rubber feet for firm grip and stability
  • The motors are fully adjustable, thus ensuring the right belt tension during operation.


  • This runs only on two different speeds


  1. Innovative Cabinet Mounted spinner

This bowling ball spinner has its cast bowl made out of aluminum and also includes a recirculating water system. The machine is highly precise and keeps the balls very stable while you clean it. This ensures that every area on the surface receives an equal amount of cleaning and polishing. It is also very durable and has the motors hidden away within a protective case. This keeps them from catching dirt and grime and getting stuck in the meantime. The machine is also designed to be waterproof and features bearing shafts made out of premium quality material. This makes the machine strong enough to take the brunt of everyday use. It has a CW and CCW rotation option and runs on 115 Volts.


  • It comes with an 8 foot long supply cord together with the machine
  • The motors can be adjusted as per the preference of the user
  • It features a heavy duty switch, making it more reliable
  • Shipping charges do not apply to this particular product


  • May take a while to slow down after you have disconnected it from power.


  1. Vertex ½ HP Bowling Ball Spinner

If you have been looking for the best bowling ball spinner to prepare your balls for all types of lane conditions, this could be the ultimate choice for you. This machine holds the balls very stable while giving a highly consistent spin throughout the course of operation. This allows you to clean, sand, resurface and polish the balls evenly throughout the surface. As a result, the ball reaction and outcome of the game get affected drastically, so that you can have a highly competitive play.

This ball spinner has a number of other attractive features including the built-in thermometer, die-cast pulleys or the super tough glass-filled nylon construction. With its high-quality motors which are further aided by computer-aided design, the machine is able to give a very steady performance. The durable body and sealed bearings ensure that the machine remains unaffected by the outside elements.


  • The machine keeps the balls very steady while spinning. There is no wobbling or vibration even without having to bolt or clamp it down
  • The machine is highly portable
  • Comes with a long warranty period of 5 years


  • Only one-half of the ball remains accessible while spinning.


  1. Vertex 1/3 HP Bowling Ball Spinner

This is the best bowling ball spinner that allows you to clean and fix the balls right from the comfort of your house. It relies on a completely computer-aided design that makes sure the machine works with the highest level of precision and efficiency during the operation. The machine has built-in thermal protectors which allows for prolonged use without stressing the machine too much.


  • Premium quality motors used in the machine
  • Features sealed bearings and 6 inch in-line cord
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty


  • It can only be used at one single fixed speed


  1. Vertex Metal Professional Bowling Ball Spinner

This machine weighs a total of 21 pounds and is convenient enough to be carried to and from the bowling alleys. The spinner uses the highest quality motors and premium quality components for higher durability. It comes with a long warranty period of 5 years, but is built to last much longer than that. It further has a thermal protector that keeps the machine from getting overstressed during prolonged use. It can also be used on a regular basis with no signs of fatigue. The weight of the machine keeps its steady and prevents wobbling while being used.


  • Comes in a sturdy metal construct
  • Made with sealed bearings
  • Features die cast pulleys for greater efficiency


  • The bearing starts to come off loose with constant use


  1. Jayhawk Multipurpose Pro model spinner

This is the best bowling ball spinner falling under the category of those with the highest torque rating. It uses a highly advanced heavy duty motor which can take the stress of regular use. The machine runs very smooth and offers the same consistency throughout the course of operation. There are two different subcategories, the one working on 110 Volt and the one working on 220 volts.


  • Built using premium quality components
  • Offers a long-term service


  • It is not the best bargain for the price


  1. Jayhawk Dual Speed Spinner

This machine has very easy controls for power and speed. It has a heavy construct and can be used on a regular basis without overworking the machine. This is the best bowling ball spinner with a hands-free operation. The machine is designed to be fixed atop a bench while being used. Its 2-foot control switches allow for easy control while you can put your full focus on cleaning, resurfacing or polishing.


  • The machine comes fully assembled
  • No adjustments are required prior to use


  • Produces a very squeaky noise while being used


When looking for the best bowling ball spinner, get clear on what type of spinner it is that you need. All of the products mentioned above are considered to be the best and can make your selection process easier.