What Best Bowling Shoes to buy for men, women and the youth


Bowling is a respectable sport, and many people love to play it casually or professionally. Like any other game, it also needs equipment. Although fewer than other similar games, equipment like balls, shoes, rack, and pins are required. Men need bowling shoes to improve their bowling performance and score more than their competitors. Some people find it unnecessary to wear such shoes for bowling, but they don’t know that wearing a specific type of shoe can have a big impact on their performance. Moreover, the bowling shoes offered by bowling alleys are very unhygienic as they have been used by many people. So, if you are a bowling enthusiast, we recommend that you buy a pair of the best bowling shoes for men to improve your performance. The following are our picks for the five best bowling shoes for men:

Dexter Jack Bowling Shoes:

If you love bowling, then you must own a pair of Dexter Jack bowling shoes. These shoes are very soft, comfortable, durable, and are specifically designed for bowling purposes. They have an elegant look and are packed with features to provide comfort throughout the game.

Main features:

The Dexter Jack bowling shoes are stylish and elegant and you will be comfortable right after you wear them for the first time. They will provide stability to your feet during bowling, and you won’t take any time to adjust to this pair of shoes. Support is an important factor to be considered before buying bowling shoes, and these shoes provide outstanding support to the player. Accuracy shots need lots of bending and twisting of feet, and you won’t want your feet to ache during the game.

They also come in a reasonable price range and are much more comfortable and softer than other shoes. These shoes contain Extra-long S8 microfiber soles, which offer easy sliding. The Dexter Jack shoes are equipped with all the features that bowling shoes should have. The upper is hand-made, and thus it is more durable and comfortable than other shoes which have a machine-stitched upper. The universal soles of these shoes make it easy to bowl for both the left-handed and right-handed players. The lace-to-toe upper pattern ensures a custom fit and makes it easier for the player to wear it. The collar and tongue are padded, and the outsole is made up of non-marking rubber. The heel of these shoes are well defined and are of the horseshoe type.


  • Color: black/white
  • Fabric: synthetic
  • Upper: man-made (lace-to-toe)
  • Outsole: non-marking rubber
  • Main feature: Extra-long S8 microfiber
  • Brand: Dexter


The Dexter Jack bowling shoes are very reasonably priced as they deliver excellent performance at this price. They have an appealing and attractive style with extra comfort so that the players can perform better and score more than others. The lace-to-toe upper pattern provides a snug fit, and the padded collar and tongue provide comfort to the feet during the game. They are very durable and are must haves for all the bowling enthusiasts out there.

BSI Men’s 571 Bowling Shoes:

The BSI Men’s 571 bowling shoes are one of the bestsellers on Amazon. These shoes are trendy among the bowling players because they are very comfortable and durable. They are also available at an affordable price tag, and deliver excellent performance during the gameplay.

Main features:

The BSI Men’s 571 bowling shoes are designed keeping in view the needs of the bowling players. The soles of these shoes are stitched and of a glued type, and are very sturdy. The shoe is versatile and can be worn at different casual occasions. The shoe looks graceful and has a black and gold design with flat laces. The outsole is very light weight and is made up of rubber, and the upper is an action leather one. The microfiber sliding sole provides comfort and ease during the gameplay, and allows the players to perform well. There is a sock-lining inside the shoe to keep the feet dry and comfy, and the insole is also made up of extra plush material for added comfort and softness. The shoes have enough room inside, and it doesn’t provide a snug fit to the foot,  thus it is recommended to buy one size smaller than your actual size.

They are very light weight and are suitable for different types of sports, including bowling. As they are made up of leather, you don’t have to be worried about them being dirty. Just wash them or clean with a wet cloth and leave them to dry, and they will appear as fresh and new as they were original.


  • Color: black/gold
  • Fabric: leather
  • Upper: Action leather
  • Binding: Sports
  • Washable: yes
  • Stitching: Machine
  • Sole: microfiber sliding


The BSI Men’s 571 bowling shoes are one of the best bowling shoes available for men. These shoes are comfortable, durable, and washable too. These bowling shoes are very versatile and can be used for other sports as well. If you want to turn all the hands around while you play the bowling game, these shoes are a must try. They will help you make straight and smooth shots and improve your performance to a great extent.

Brunswick Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes:

Brunswick Men’s Flyer bowling shoes are one of the best bowling shoes available on the market, as they are designed to assist the players during the game. They are comfortable, reliable, and have a very sturdy design. So, instead of using the rental shoes at your bowling alley, buy these shoes and make your performance outshine others’.

Main features:

The Brunswick Flyer bowling shoes are made up of synthetic material that offers outstanding comfort and a pleasant ride. The upper is man-made and resistant to scratches and abrasions. These shoes also have a comfort fit feature that makes the wearer feel very comfortable, and you can wear them for long at the bowling alley. The tongue and hue are padded and embellished, and the upper is coated with textile fabric. The fit is not snug but roomy, and it keeps the feet airy and dry during long playing hours.

These Brunswick shoes have a non-making rubber outsole and a microfiber coating that improves the performance of the Flex side technology used in it. These bowling shoes provide the player the stability and support they need to perform smooth and straight shots to score more. The laces are flat and easy to tie, and the upper has holes in it too to keep the foot ventilated. This is why we suggest that these shoes can be worn for long periods. They are very simple yet stylish, and can act as your best bowling companion at the bowling alley.


  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: Synthetic
  • Soles: universal
  • Outsole: non-marking rubber
  • Upper: soft (man-made)
  • Fit: Roomy
  • Brand: Brunswick


The Brunswick Men’s Flyer Bowling Shoes are comfortable, roomy, stylish, and they can be worn for a long time. While you wear it, they won’t let your feet get sweaty as they have an excellent ventilation system. They use the latest technologies to keep the foot dry and comfortable, so that you concentrate more on your bowling game than your feet being sweaty and uncomfortable. The shoes are very durable and can withstand the daily rigors of gameplay.

Pyramid Men’s Ram Bowling Shoes:

Pyramid is well-known among bowling lovers because they manufacture one of the best and unique bowling shoes. These shoes have a classic style, and they are very comfortable and durable. The Pyramid shoes have been designed very carefully after researching on the needs of the bowling players. These shoes are perfect to be used for bowling.

Main features:

The Pyramid Men’s bowling shoes have a sleek and stylish design and offer a perfect slide due to the easy break-in sole. These shoes are ideal for both left and right-handed both types of bowlers. These shoes don’t come in a box. Instead, they arrive in an eco-friendly bag and are backed by a two-year warranty. These shoes provide good quality and amazing features at a very affordable price. The shoes provide outstanding comfort, support, and stability to the bowling players.

Instead of using the rental shoes from the bowling alley, you should consider buying these affordable bowling shoes which will surely improve your performance. The laces are very easy to tie as they are of a smooth style which provides an easy grip when tied. These shoes are made up of synthetic material, and thus you don’t have to worry about them being dirty. They are easily washable and can be cleaned with a damp cloth too. The heels and soles of these shoes are not changeable, and there is no need to do so either as they are very sturdy and can withstand the rigors of the game.


  • Color: black/white
  • Fabric: synthetic
  • Soles: microfiber
  • Fit: snug
  • Brand: Pyramid
  • Warranty: 2 years


The Pyramid Men’s Ram bowling shoes have a unique style, and they are perfect for all types of bowlers whether they are right handed or left. They come in an affordable price range and are true to the size mentioned. If you need support, comfort, and stability during the game, you must try these pairs.

Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling Shoes:

Dexter has made to our list for the second time because their shoes are among the bestsellers on Amazon. Dexter is famous for manufacturing soft, comfortable, and durable bowling shoes. These shoes are also one of the best bowling shoes for men as they contain all the features that bowling shoes should have.

Main features:

The Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling shoes are comfy and graceful and are made up of synthetic material. The shoes deliver amazing performance when the bowler is going to throw the ball on the lane. These shoes are of the type that people normally admire at first glance. They have a nice sporty look and can withstand the rigors and wear and tear of daily gameplay. The shoes are very affordable and comfortable, and you can wear them to play other sports as well. They have a neutral style that matches perfectly with the dressing and gives you a more sporty look. They will help you enhance various techniques used in bowling such as throwing the ball and making straight shoes.

Other typical shoes can cause sprains and aches in the feet because the player needs to bend a lot to make various shots. These Dexter shoes have a padded tongue and collar, and the whole shoes are fully fabric lined. There are S8 microfiber slide soles on the sides of both of the shoes. The heel is well-defined, and the outsole is a non-marking rubber type. The upper is soft and hand-made, and thus it is very comfortable.


  • Color: black/red
  • Upper: manmade (lace to toe)
  • Outsole: Non-marking rubber
  • Brand: Dexter
  • Width: wide
  • Main feature: S8 microfiber slide soles


The Dexter Men’s Ricky III Bowling shoes are very comfortable and durable, and they are capable of providing amazing bowling experience to the wearer. These shoes will aid the player to perform various techniques that are needed in bowling, thus improving the overall gameplay. Because of the hand-made upper, the shoe feels very soft and comfy to the wearer.


Whether you’re just going to join the bowling league with your friends or colleagues or have been bowling like a professional for many years, you will need nice bowling shoes to assist you throughout the game. Our top picks are one of the best bowling shoes for men available on the market, as they are packed with all the features that bowling shoes should contain. Bowlers are recommended to use bowling shoes because they tend to protect the players from slipping. They also improve their performance. Regular sports shoes are stiff and can cause hindrance while performing various types of shots. These shoes prevent uncontrollable and sudden sliding which often occurs during the game. The best bowling shoes for men will provide you with comfort and convenience during the game, and you will be able to score better than others.