Best bowling ball bags for you

If you have been frequently trying your hand at bowling, then chances are that you also have collected a good stack of bowling balls and other bowling equipment. Most professional players do not like playing each lane with the same ball. However, it can be very inconvenient to carry a separate bag for each separate alone. Getting hold of one of the best bowling ball bags can make your task a lot easier. You can throw in all your assortments without any trouble and still have some space left for a few extra items.

The best bowling ball bags can fit in all your balls, shoes and additional bowling gears, thus making it very convenient to carry your items to and from the bowling alleys. These bags not only save you from the frustration of having to carry multiple bags, but also come in a wide range of design and color options, thus lending a cool effect to your personal style. They also vary significantly in terms of features and purpose.

Due to a wide range of options, a buyer can easily get overwhelmed while making a selection. To make your task easier, get clear on the type of bag you need under the current circumstances. This way, you can easily narrow down your choices in the area of your preference. This can save you a lot of time as well as effort. If you are strictly looking for the best bowling ball bags in your preferred category, make sure that you collect correct information about the product. This will determine whether or not you can use it exactly as intended by you.

Before making a purchase, it is advisable to jot down a list of features that you want in your new bag. The best bowling ball bags should be easy to carry around, fit in all your accessories and also be durable enough to withstand the given weight without giving in. Having the list prepared beforehand will make sure that you do not miss out on anything while you are out, hunting for the best bag. Below are the basic considerations to keep in mind while looking for the best bowling ball bags in the market.

  1. Capacity

This is the first and the most important thing to be considered if you want to get hold of the best bowling ball bag. An amateur may not have too many gears. At most, he/she will be needing a bag big enough to hold a ball and maybe a pair of shoes. So a tote bag should be fine. These bags are medium sized, not too bulky and come with attached slings, so they are very easy to carry around. On the other hand, a professional may need a bag big enough to fit in at least three different balls, shoes, and some additional gears as well. Here, a large-sized bag would be great. Such bags provide enough space to hold all the equipment and still have some extra compartments to spare. The best bowling ball bags for professional use come with grip handles and roller wheels for the ease of portability.

  1. Material

Bowling ball bags can come in a number of different materials. The material selection is basically made on the common consumer preference and the conditions of use. Despite the material, most bags are made to withstand heavy weights and treated for waterproofing. Leather bags are quite popular, especially among the fashion savvy players. Vintage styled leather models could make a strong impression and serve as statement accessories. However, they also need a high amount of maintenance as compared to other materials.

Polyvinyl bags are quite common among the players of all expertise. These bags are highly durable and resistant to wear and tear. They are highly waterproof and also do not catch up much dirt. Polyvinyl bags are also very easy to wash and maintain. While going for these bags, take into consideration the percentage of polyvinyl in the fabric and the thread count. The higher the thread count, the stronger the bag. Some of the best bowling ball bags come in polyvinyl, complete with features to match the requirement of professional players. A cheaper alternative to polyvinyl is nylon. However, nylon bags do not look as stylish as the polyvinyl bags.

  1. Tote or roller?

The best bowling ball bags come in two basic categories – the tote and the roller bags. It entirely depends on the equipment to be carried and the personal preference of the player to choose between the two. Tote bags are usually big enough to fit in a ball and little extras. These are carried through the shoulder straps and come with padded straps to relieve the weight on the shoulders. The roller bags are ideal when the weight starts to get too heavy for one person to carry around. These bags are fitted with a wheel so that you can just pull them behind you through the alleys without making much effort. These may be the best bowling ball bags for professional players who usually have a lot of gears to carry around.

  1. Brands

As a rule, the best bowling ball bags usually come from the best of brands. They may be a bit expensive as compared to other ordinary items. However, they are also unmatched in terms of quality. However, many a time, there are also a number of cheaper alternatives, offering the same quality, build and features. To make the best utilization of your money, make sure you do a little background check before making the purchase.



  1. Pyramid Path Deluxe Double Roller Bowling Bag

This is one of the best bowling ball bags released by the Pyramid Bowling Bags. It is unmatched in terms in terms of quality, style and durability, all at a very fair and affordable price. It is made out of 600d polyester and is very durable. The bag features 3-inch rubber wheels and square handles which makes it very convenient to carry around. It is big enough to fit in two bowling balls and size 16 shoes.


  • Easy rolling
  • Comes in a number of different colors
  • Extendable handles


  • The accessory pockets are very tiny
  • Does not have a handle at the top


  1. BSI Double Ball Roller Bowling Bag

This bag has two separate padded compartments for holding the ball. This can play a very effective role in protecting the balls against damage while traveling. In addition to this, there are also a lot of organizer pockets and card holders each with a zipper. The bag can also be used for holding items such as files, pen and large sheets of paper. The compartment comes with a zipper and can fit in shoes up till the size of 14.


  • It has an external pouch with Velcro straps for throwing in a few more handy items.
  • Comes in a wide range of color
  • Sturdy construct


  • The handle is non-retractable
  • The colors are a bit misleading


  1. Kaze Sports 2 Ball Bowling Roller

This bag falls under the category of high-quality bowling ball bags. It provides space for two bowling balls, shoes and additional items. It has a retractable handle that can extend for up to 36”. It is made out of 840d Nylon and is highly durable. It is available, in colors such as black/gray, orange, beige-gray and camouflage.


  • The shoe compartment is vented and big enough to fit in a pair of size 15 shoes.
  • PU polyurethane wheels that give high traction.
  • Does not produce much noise while being pulled around


  • The zippers are weak
  • The Velcro straps stretch to unthread within a month of use.


  1. Brunswick Flash Single Tote

This is one of the best bowling ball bags in terms of affordability and reliability. The bag has foam padding that provides extra cushioning to the balls thus guarding them against scratches during the travel.  There is a separate compartment for shoes that can take in upto size 15. In addition to that, there are also small compartmentalized pockets for storing rings, keys, cards, watches and mobile phones. It is an adjustable shoulder strap complete with plush padding.


  • Made out of 600d fabric
  • The front compartment is large enough to hold a number of additional gears


  • Looks cheap and does not have a hard bottom
  • Weak zipper


  1. Hammer triple Tote

This bag is highly durable and comes at a very reasonable price. The bag comes in a very appealing combination of black and orange. It has a very sturdy built and two rails at the bottom that can come handy, especially while carrying it upstairs and downstairs. It also has attached wheels at the bottom for the ease of pulling through the alleys. The bag is big enough to hold in 3 bowling balls, shoes, towels, braces, ball cleaners and a few other accessories. They are also very durable and come with a super easy design.


  • Has removable pouch that can be used for holding items such as water bottles and snacks
  • Strong fabric
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps
  • Plenty of dividers within the bag


  • Tips over too frequently
  • The bottoms are not strong enough


  1. Storm 3 Ball Tournament

This bag is mainly designed for the professional league bowlers. The most convenient feature is that it has a transparent top that allows the players to take a peek and check if all the balls are there in the right place. It is made out of 600 denier polyvinyl fabric and therefore quite durable. The zippers are reinforced for additional strength and smooth functioning. It also recessed wheels for the ease of transport.


  • The bag has a very good balance and is less likely to tip over
  • It can withstand very rough use


–    No separate shoe storage


  1. Beckley Tote

This is a simple single ball tote bag with no overrated features. It is designed for the convenience of the users and is very easy to use and carry around. The bag is made out of heavy-duty polyester fabric and is highly waterproof. It can also take in huge weights and last for a very long period of time. This bag is very compact and therefore very convenient to be carried around. It also comes in a very appealing set of color combinations.


  • The bag has removable shoulder straps
  • There are two compartments on the interior to hold extra accessories


  • It does not have extra compartments for the shoes and the ball. Everything has to be swished in together


  1. Ebonite Transport II

The Ebonite Transport II is the best bowling ball bag for the convenience of the user. It can hold two balls and has a center divider so that the balls do not rub or strike against each other during travel. This prevents them from getting scratched. The bag is also very balanced and can sit upright while you wait for your turn. It has both the grip handles and roller wheels. The handles are extendable and can be adjusted according to the height of the person.


  • Very large accessory pockets
  • Can easily fit into the trunk of a car
  • Durable Oxford constructed fabric


  • Wheels squeak a lot while being pulled
  • The wheels do not stay tight together in their sockets


  1. Elite Deuce

This bag has 3-inch wheels that make it very easy to be pulled around over all types of surfaces. It glides very smoothly without too much bumping. Being made out of 600D polyester with Oxford construction, the bag also tends to give a very good lasting. It has both the grip handles and extendable square handles. There are a number of dividers for organizing the balls and different bowling accessories.


  • Separate shoe storage with vents that can hold up to men’s size 13
  • Very large accessory pocket
  • Grips with duffel style


  • The handle cannot be locked


  1. Team C300

This is one of the best bowling ball bags for players looking for a massive capacity. It can easily hold three balls, towels, shoes and still have room left for plenty of other accessories including water bottles and snacks. In addition to that, there are internal ball protectors to prevent damages.


  • Comes with two handles made of molded plastic
  • The bag is every bit worth its price


  • The handles do not lock
  • No side pocket


Getting the right bag can make the task of carrying your equipment so much easier for you. The well-organized design will also ensure that you do not leave behind anything of importance. There is a lot of options to choose from the in the market. The ones mentioned above are considered to be the best bowling ball bags in terms of maneuverability. You can decide for yourself and pick the ones that suit you best.